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Quiz Take the Self-Assessment Tests and contact us today!


Depression Self-Assessment Quiz

Depression Self-Assessment Quiz Take the Depression Self-Assessment and contact us today! Answer yes/no to the following questions, and record your answers: Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy? Do deep feelings of sadness and loneliness bother you constantly? Are you having sleeping issues, such as sleeping too little or too much? 


Anxiety Disorder Self-Assessment Quiz

Anxiety Disorder Self-Assessment Quiz   Take the Anxiety Disorder Self-Assessment and contact us today! Are you worried about many different things at once? Do you have trouble controlling your worries? Do you find yourself getting anxious easily? Are you becoming more irritable as your anxiety increases? Does stress make you feel tired and worn out?


Couples Therapy Self-Assessment Quiz

Do you think your relationship would benefit from couples therapy? Take this quiz to learn whether it is a good idea to seek help. The Eastside Center for Family is here for you. Reach out today for help. Reach out today for help.    


PTSD Self-Assessment


PTSD Self-Assessment Quiz   Take the PTSD Self-Assessment and contact us today! Are you having unwanted memories and thoughts of stressful experiences? Are you having repeated disturbing dreams and/or night terrors? Do you feel as if you’re reliving a stressful experience? Do you feel deeply distressed when something reminds you of a stressful experience?


Substance Abuse Self-Assessment Quiz

Substance Abuse Self-Assessment Quiz Take the Substance Abuse Self-Assessment and contact us today!   You might lose time from work due to drinking and/or using drugs. Your drinking and/or using drugs is making your home life unhappy. Drinking or using drugs helps you because you are shy with other people. Your drinking and/or using drugs.

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