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"Miles our sessions are always the highlight of my day and today was no different. Thank you for the work you do and for being in the space you are in to help me reflect, grow and become a better version of myself. I'm forever grateful that I found you and have the opportunity to meet with you on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!"

- SJ

"Miles has changed my life. I have become a confident woman, ditched toxicity and become a better partner and mother because of his excellent, excellent treatment. I have recommended him to 4 of my friends! Who are currently in treatment with him as well. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself with  Miles!!!!"

- Caitlin O

"We highly recommend Miles Hall for any marital therapy needs you might have. He was kind, supportive and really helped us work through our problems in a constructive way. He essentially saved our marriage and helped make us stronger. We learned new ways to communicate that have changed our lives and marriage for the better!"

- Melissa

"I've worked with Miles since March and hearing and seeing clients requesting for him specifically is a true test of the amazing work he does. I know he has a true passion for helping and guiding individual or  couple's or a family through their hardship or just guidance through every day trials. Everyone would benefit from Sunrise Couples and Sunrise Family Therapy."

- Tori

"Miles is so easy to talk to, and made me feel really comfortable, safe even talking about the abuse I suffered. Some really heavy stuff, and Miles really supported me. I recommend him cause it didn't feel like therapy just a regular convo with someone you trust, that really cared about what I wanted for myself and my kids."


"I cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Sunrise Couples and Family Therapy and my therapist Miles.  I didn't know much about therapy before starting sessions with Miles about a year ago.  I assumed it would be hyper-clinical, judgmental and maybe a little cold. I was really surprised to discover that my sessions were the opposite of what I expected. Seeking services from Sunrise was a remarkably empowering experience.  Knowing you're doing something good for your health is really fortifying. I highly recommend Miles and SCFT!" 


"I keep asking myself the goal of today. I think that goal is to reiterate that while this is a stressful situation we find ourselves in-- I realize that I thrive in chaos and fixing problems and "crisis management" but I dont want to live there anymore. I just need healthier alternatives to communicating and while I have thrived in chaos my whole life, I am now taking active steps to flip the switch on it. Thank you so much for everything, you are helping me change my life one day at a time and I am so very grateful"

- Denise

"Miles, You are a very good listener and you bring such insight and perspective to the conversation. We LOVE to come and chat with you. Thank you for supporting our family during our time of loss.

- AS
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