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Anxiety Disorder Self-Assessment Quiz

Are you worried you may have an anxiety disorder? Help is available.

Take the Anxiety Disorder Self-Assessment and contact us today!

Anxiety Disorder Self-Assessment Quiz
Are you worried about many different things at once?
Do you have trouble controlling your worries?
Do you find yourself getting anxious easily?
Are you becoming more irritable as your anxiety increases?
Does stress make you feel tired and worn out?
Do you have trouble falling asleep/staying asleep?
Is your anxiety making it hard for you to concentrate?
Do you feel easily startled and jumpy?
Do you worry about things that may not be so rational?
Does your anxiety prevent you from doing things you love?
Does your anxiety prevent you from having new experiences?
Do you have a physical reaction to being anxious, such as shakes, tremors, sweating or needing the bathroom?
Do you experience repetitive, unwanted thoughts that are distressing?
Do you feel like anxiety is disrupting your day to day life?

There is a chance you have an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are a set of mental health conditions that cause extreme stress and physical symptoms. There are many types of anxiety disorders, and at Sunrise Couples Therapy, we’re here for you. Reach out today.​


If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency, please visit your nearest emergency room, call 911,988, and/or the crisis line at (800) 576-7764.

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