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Save Time. Save Money. Get Support. You and your relationship are worth it.



Sometimes we all need a little extra support and coaching. It's often too late when we are forced to realize that our attempted solutions have resulted in predictable outcomes. Be preemptive and courageous in acquiring the tools you need to realize your true potential. We can provide the support, tools, and coaching you deserve.

We understand that life presents us at times with seemingly insurmountable challenges however, regardless of how formidable the challenge is, when presented with skilled support, and unconditional positive regard the human spirit can rise.

We "help facilitate safe & effective communication," that gets to the core issues.

Areas of Practice:

Womens Health

Conflict Mediation for Families

Divorce Mediation

Life Coaching

Depressive/Anxiety Disorders


Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

Loss and Grief |Parenting

Sex, Life Transitions & Aging

Men/Teens Groups

Polyamory-[Non-Traditional Relationships and Families]

Visit our website to view our fees which are the same for an individual or couple. Schedule a session [online or in person] and take this opportunity to get the support you deserve.

You and your relationship(s) are worth it.

DEEP COMMUNICATION = DEEPER CONNECTION Schedule some time to work on your connection to those you LOVE. #talktherapyforeverybody


This practice does not accept insurance. We are an out-of-network provider and a private pay practice only. We offer "superbills" to clients to submit for reimbursement.

If you have or prefer to use your insurance in-network please visit Safe Affordable Talk Therapy, a group practice that accepts insurance and specializes in supporting women's health, first responders, and medical patients/caregivers call (833) 723-3825, or Text "SAFE" to (253) 367-3060 for insurance verification and to get started.

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