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Stop Mistaking Shared Trauma for Compatibility.

You can’t build a healthy relationship on an unstable foundation.

Original Post Arah Iloabugichukwu Jan 29, 2019

Two hopeless romantics meet at a bar. After a week of sharing flirty memes and sending early-morning text messages, the two agree to exchange judgments and pass opinions over a pair of pomegranate martinis. In true millennial fashion, their first face-to-face is ripe with sarcasm, slanted jokes, and side-eyes. Neither wants to show or say too much at the risk of appearing too interested, God forbid. Eventually, the topic of family comes up, and the date takes a serious turn as they discover a common theme in both of their upbringings: alcoholism in the family.

Over another round of drinks, they take turns diving into the deepest corners of their childhoods, unsure if the warm fuzzy feelings are the result of the martinis or the memories. About four hours into their expedited engagement, it becomes apparent that this courtship is nothing short of a divine calling. It