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Monthly Must Read Book Club

Every month we will suggest a book to read that we hope will serve to provoke thought, facilitate healing, influence connection, and increase your capacity for self-love.

"A relationship with an Emotionally Immature Parent or Person (EIP) is characterized by not getting your emotional needs met. They have little interest in experiencing emotional intimacy in which two people come to know and understand each other on a deep level. This mutual sharing of your deepest feeling creates a satisfying deep bond that makes the participates precious to each other, but this is not something that EIPs feel comfortable doing."

-Lindsay Gibson, PsyD

Discover the four types of difficult parents:

  • The emotional parent instills feelings of instability and anxiety

  • The driven parent stays busy trying to perfect everything and everyone

  • The passive parent avoids dealing with anything upsetting

  • The rejecting parent is withdrawn, dismissive, and derogatory

Growing up with emotionally immature (EI) parents can leave you feeling lonely, confused, and neglected. As an adult, you may have trouble setting limits, expressing your feelings, and building healthy relationships with others. And as your parent grows older, they may still treat your emotions with mockery and contempt, or try to diminish your sense of personal autonomy.

So, how can you recover from your parent's self-absorbed, harmful behavior and reclaim your life?

Written by the author of Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, this guide offers powerful tools to help you heal and break free from the coercive control of EI parents and other EI people. You'll learn practical ways to set boundaries, validate your feelings, and gain emotional autonomy in all your relationships. If you're ready to stop being subject to immature and hurtful behavior and move beyond the fear of judgment and punishment that's been instilled in you by an EI parent, this book will help you find the freedom to finally live your life your way.

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My daughter loves to read and she has a laptop so she prefers soft copy. Any Black Friday sale on books in my town Oakland? During this season I usually use Black Friday coupon. Is any other option available?

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