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Monthly Must Read Book Club

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Every month we will suggest a book to read that we hope will serve to provoke thought, influence and widen your capacity to connect.

“To create loving men, we must love males. Loving maleness is different from praising and rewarding males for living up to sexist-defined notions of male identity.

Caring about men because of what they do for us is not the same as loving males for simply being.

When we love maleness, we extend our love whether males are performing or not. Performance is different from simply being. In patriarchal culture males are not allowed simply to be who they are and to glory in their unique identity.

Their value is always determined by what they do. In an anti-patriarchal culture males do not have to prove their value and worth. They know from birth that simply being gives them value, the right to be

cherished and loved.”

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