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$95 for the Support you Deserve!


Name what feelings you are truly experiencing. It's not just Anger or  Sadness.

Learn to identify your feelings, what you are needing in that moment, then how to express it in a healthier way. Get started today.

Original Posted on The Feelings Wheel: unlock the power of your emotions

Clinically reviewed by Dr. Chris Mosunic, PhD, RD, CDCES, MBA  

Accessing supportive services can be challenging due to various barriers such as stigma, shame, and cost, to mention just a few.

We understand that getting the support you deserve can be costly. This is why Sunrise Couples Therapy offers a (30) minute video check-in session for $95 for all active clients that have been seen in the last (6) months. *(6) month policy does apply to on-clinical coaching clients.

If you have not been seen in six months or longer we require an (75) minute intake session in order to reconnect, establish a new baseline of care, understand what changes have occurred in your life and set new goals. **does not apply to coaching clients

Sunrise Couples Therapy Blog which has been selected by our panelists at Feedspot as #13 of the Top Couples Therapy Blogs on the web. It contains lots of useful articles and information. Please feel free to submit blog ideas or topics of interest to Attn: Guest Contributor- SCT Blog

Life Resources HUB powered by CAC Is a wonderful online resource library. It contains a variety of helpful links, harassment resources, numerous medical & mental resource tools, magazines, journals, research & interventions.

We are currently offering $25 off intake sessions for our private pay clients. 

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