9 Questions to Assess the Health of Your Relationship

Like an annual physical, maybe it's time to get a check-up on your relationship.

Original Post Sep 19, 2020 Robert Taibbi L.C.S.W. Fixing Families

While different therapists will approach a couple's problems in their own way based on their clinical approach and personality, there are some basic questions that can always be helpful in assessing the state of a relationship.

Thinking through these questions can help you drill down and assess your own relationship:

1. Overall state: On an average day, what is your emotional quality in the relationship — are you happy, depressed, okay, or anxious? If you had this average day over and over, would that be a "good enough" life or relationship?

Obviously, you can’t expect ecstatic joy every day of your life — because other parts of your life take over, because your partner, like everyone else, has moods. But step back. Is an average day a good day?