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This is your invitation to Cook. Connect. Heal. Together.....

"What defines us is how well we RISE after falling. I believe in change. I believe that human beings are capable of transformative growth, if they are willing to look at their lives and learn to live in its possibilities." -Miles

Culinary Art Therapy is rooted in Expressive therapies; which were founded by humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers.

According to his daughter Natalie, "the term expressive therapy or expressive art therapy generally includes art, dance and music therapies; as well as journal writing, poetry, imagery, meditation and improvisational drama. Using the expressive arts to foster emotional healing, resolve inner conflict and awaken individual creativity is a relatively new and expanding field."

Before becoming a Marriage and Family therapist I spend over (3) decades in the culinary industry. I have been preparing a table for individuals to come together for a long time, and I can really help you in addressing complex issues.

My therapeutic philosophy recognizes the influence of circular causality on behavior & in maintaining negative patterns of interaction and communication.

I'm working to expand upon the foundation of work Carl Rogers inspired. His work explored other avenues to connection & authentic expression which invited individual mindfulness, relational repair & restoration. We will do this work together through the use of food.

Culinary therapy at Sunrise encompasses cooking and cooking-related activities, or in your home or office with a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with culinary training. Their role is to assist in meal preparation, and to facilitate communication & intervention(s) around family goals or areas of need.

I understand the importance of having a safe restorative space to express, repair, and heal.

Visit our site to understand the benefits of culinary therapy , learn more about our cooking groups (held at local restaurants), and to reserve your time to connect.

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