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BREAKING NEWS: Premier | Licensed | Professional Care You Can Afford.

No Insurance. No Co-Pays. No Hassle. No Judgement.

We offer income-based sliding scale fees to make getting help more accessible.

You and your family deserve access to the best available interventions, resources and care.

We offer clinicians specializing in supporting:

  • Eating Disorders

  • Trauma

  • Veterans, Nurses & First Reponders

  • Women' Issues

  • Pre-Marriage Counseling

  • Diverse Families & Cultures

  • Addiction

  • Sessions conducted in Russian, Spanish & English

  • Relational Conflict

  • Divorce Mitigation

  • Children

This and more is what we offer all our clients.

If you require financial support in obtaining services please call us at (253)777-9782; or visit our practice at Sunrise Family Therapy or Sunrise Couples Therapy for sliding scale fee options.

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