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I've lived it, so I get it....that's how I can see you; without judgement.

I typically ask my clients during their initial intake session; "why now?"... referring to what drove them to schedule, then followup. Based upon their answers I often reply; " then what is your desired outcome?"

At this point I usually; gently, push back by asserting, "that in many cases clients answer with a desired outcome that is not congruent with their personal truth."

I then ask, " What is yours...your personal truth? " The silence is palpable.

I believe that non-judgement, acceptance, genuine connection, & unconditional positive regard in the therapy room contribute to sustained growth and healing. This is were I start. This is were we begin.

This process can be expensive in many ways. However, do you measure it only in copay's, or out of pocket expenses; or in the loss of dignity, self-respect, and relational esteem you have already paid?

This work demands introspective, and gut-wrenching "real", but the reward according to my clients, " is living in a place of calm & truth."


Message of affirmation to myself, my maker.....and you.

"I want to say thank you. For a 26 yr relationship. 5 children. 2 yrs in practice. Medical tragedy. Relational challenge. Parental strife. Personal struggle. My arrested development. And all that reminds and checks me daily.

I am a product of my background. But not a prisoner to it. I'm so thankful now; for the extreme difficulty that has informed my maturation.

I see; finally my opportunities and success'. I now view my life as worthy and purposeful. I now forgive. Everyone.

Because the power to do so has always existed within me." -Miles


I've lived it, so I get it....that's how I can see you; without judgement.

Let's explore then pursue your truth & desired outcomes.

I believe in you and know your best is yet to come. Email or call me, I'm available to listen. 253-777-9782 x700

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