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Sessions fees from $55. Affordable. Hassle-Free. Help.

For access to affordable Child, Family and Adult therapy please visit

Sunrise Family Therapy (SFT) at

Sessions fees from $55.

Children, Families & Adults.

Welcome to a safe, open place of connection and healing.

Offered by licensed & trained professionals dedicated to empowering you and your family to move beyond your current situation with more tools, a greater sense of self, and a new perspective on future outcomes.

I understand the reluctance to seek assistance, which is often a product of from being stigmatized or judged.

Or the unique challenges facing blended families, those with disability, individuals from single-parent homes, lower SES, or others; in need of counseling but paralyzed by fear, shame and other barriers to treatment face.

No Insurance. No Hassle. No Co-Pay. No Network. No Authorizations. No. Jugements. No Shame. Just Healing.

All Faiths. All Cultures. All Families.

​"We all deserve respect and access to supportive resources which can serve to enhance our lives and ability to grow."

I believe this to be a truth. ​This is the inspiration for, and mission of Sunrise Family Therapy; to provide a safe place of "acceptance with access" to affordable family counseling.

Many of our clinicians, including SFT' senior leadership all graduated from the prestigious Marriage and Family Therapy program at Pacific Lutheran University.

All of our staff represent the diversity of our clients contexts. They are without question the best trained, skilled and "real" advocates for you and the future you image.

Our state licensed team of Therapist & Counselors work with Families & Adults in crisis to nurture change and enhance connection.

We reach out to clients from ALL cultures, backgrounds and ages in King & Pierce counties offering therapy in English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian & American Sign languages. (ASL interpréter available)

​​We look forward to meeting & supporting you soon. Schedule a session now!

- Miles, Founding Partner

With my complements; please use the link below to access an array of useful resources and tools.

Click and learn your Love Language(s), info on Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, get Domestic Violence Resource(s)-Worksheets and more.....

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