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Affordable Family Therapy in Puyallup $65/session*

Exciting news.....Coming Summer 2017!

Sunrise Family Therapy (SFT)

New staff & office in Puyallup focused only on Families & Kids. Family followup session(s) start at $65/session after intake.*

It all starts when we are kids. Our sense of self and relationship(s) with others are in such fragile stages of development.

We start to internalize early on, what it feels like to not fit in, or to be accepted; marginalized, and relegated to the judgments and limited views of those who are best positioned to offer the unconditional positive regard we are all due.

Most of us can reflect on those moments of shame and despair when our access to resources, treatment, funding, services or support was limited due to personal short-comings, lack of insurance, financial status, educational level, family of origin, age, or based at times upon a system which values some more than others.

We all deserve respect and access to supportive resources which can serve to enhance our lives and ability to grow. This is the inspiration for, and mission of Sunrise Family Therapy; to provide a safe place of "acceptance with access" to affordable family counseling.

All Faiths | All Cultures | All Families. We all need support at some point. Our state licensed team of Therapist & Counselors work with Kids & Families in crisis to nurture change and enhance connection.

Sunrise Family Therapy (SFT) is a sister company of Sunrise Couples Therapy (SCT). SFT is however only focused on serving diverse families from all religious, cultural, & financial walks of life. SCT works with both Couples & Adults.

Look for more information & client enrollment details soon.

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