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Soundtrack of your LIFE. Its a new Group that you are invited to join.

Do you ever hear a song, and if the conditions around you are safe, you might just allow yourself to be emotionally draw back to past experiences?

The lyrics, verses, and melodies; like a trance, really can take you there, and "make it all real again."

It's that "make it real again" part that's most tricky, because often those songs or narratives don't always end so well. But dam! Those songs make you feel something; as opposed to being numb or bitter, full of contempt or self-doubt. They illuminate the realest, least accessed parts of yourself.

Those lyrics, verses, or melodies speak to your authentic self. Raw, unfiltered, unskilled, most times difficult, but always true expressions of self which are addressable with skilled assistance.

Have you ever been over-whelmed by the flood of emotion(s) which accompanies the true connection to self that these forms of media can provoke?

You ever wondered, what it would be like to express and explore that connection in a way that enhances & celebrates your innate strengths? Then this group will be for you. If you haven't, that' ok; do more now. Here is your opportunity, take advantage of it.

I envision creating a fun, safe, expressive & respectful space; "Your Soundtrack Group." This group would be inspired and informed by you. Designed to identify & explore the media soundtrack(s) (music, movie, books) that most expresses your truth around pain & joy​.

My soundtrack is a tapestry; fluid, vivid, melodic & spoken to through many forms of media. I offer a lyric that matters, moves and reminds me; even now to live in my possibilities.....

"My head's under water, But I'm breathing fine." -John Legend

What's your soundtrack? In this group you will be empowered to author your own play-list; to literally decide which tracks, clips or verses to keep as exceptions; or to trash as the useless leaches they are.

If this group interest YOU; whether you are a current client or not. Everyone is welcome. You provide the soundtrack(s), and we will provide the space.

Here is what we need you to do:

1) contact us with your feedback directly so we can launch the first session in May 2017.

2) please include your preference for Tuesday early evenings, or Saturday mid-morning group sessions.

3) start thinking about your "soundtrack"

4) your though about effective group sizes & frequency.

4) provide your suggestions, feedback, or questions in a timely manner. Your feedback will inform our process.

This group would be facilitated by clinical counselors & licensed marriage and family therapist to allow for a reflective and healing process. We estimate each session fees to be around $45 per attendee, lasting about 90 mins.

I look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon.


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