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Why you matter to me.

Through my formative years, I witnessed the injustice and pain that are the tribulation of many. I witnessed the hopelessness felt by homeless families, the trauma domestic violence can inflict on those forever impacted by it; and the silent complicity afforded abusers.

These experiences have clarified my commitment to become a culturally competent professional that advocates for anyone seeking & committed to change in their life or current situation.

Opportunity has materialized for me through the gifts an education provides, and although the learning process is challenging I approach it with an understanding of its power to turn distress into success.

I understand that life presents us at times with seemingly insurmountable challenges however, regardless how formidable the challenge, when presented with skilled support, and unconditional positive regard the human spirit can rise.

My life experiences & formal education have uniquely instilled in me the characteristics needed to attract, relate, then respond to clients reluctant to participate in counseling services. "This means you!!!!" It’s widely acknowledged that couples therapy is the most challenging. The stakes are high. You’re dealing with volatility. There are often secrets… "I help facilitate safe & effective communication that gets to the core issues.

Contact me, I'm here to listen." -Miles (253)777-9782 ext 700

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