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Buyer beware when shopping for a therapeutic alliance.

I welcome you to call me directly, or make contact through messaging; for a free consultation.

(253)777-9782 x700

Even if you decide not to work with me, I will provide referrals to other licensed therapist, be a resource, point of reference or support you in obtaining your desired outcomes.

You don't have to figure this out alone. I understand that when it comes to "shopping" for a therapist it can get confusing real fast. Primarily, because the stakes are so HIGH.

Most of us follow our instincts during moments of crisis, relying upon our base reasoning skills to make one of the most critical decisions of our lives.

The decision(s) of which therapist to choose, how much to pay, does my insurance cover this, and many other questions; specific to personal disclosure, and client-therapist connection all plaque the mind; adding additional stress and feelings of powerlessness.

Be empowered....

I would assert that "no monetary price" can be assigned to the level of connection required to evoke authentic change, and establish a new paradigm for your life. The kind of change consistent and congruent with your innate truth & desire outcome.

You can't shop for a therapist as you would for most others things. Typically, we all would look for the most cost effective option(s). Beware, that unlike buying a washing machine, groceries, or an automobile this comparison is deceiving.

Of course cost matters, but not more than you; your future; or that of your family. You get to choose.

Don't let money, co-pays, insurance companies or any outside influences dictate your outcomes or choice relative to therapeutic connection & alliance.

These thoughts and others; should weight in your decision making process'. What cost are you willing to pay? vs. What cost have you already paid?

Contact me to explore your options. | (253)777-9782 x700

Dr Jonathan Shedler PhD suggest that,

"many therapists speak of the “therapeutic alliance" but fewer seem to understand what a therapeutic alliance entails. It does not just mean that you feel a positive connection. It is not an alliance based on just anything."

He concludes that, "A therapeutic alliance is an alliance based on a shared purpose—around the work you are there to do.

A therapeutic alliance has three elements:

  1. There is connection.

  2. There is mutual agreement about the purpose of therapy.

  3. There is mutual agreement about the methods you will use in pursuit of this purpose.

All three elements are necessary. I often see the first without the other two. That makes for a warm and supportive relationship but not for meaningful psychological change."

Read more from Dr Shedler' posting in Psychology Today," How to Choose a Therapist" by visiting:

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