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Why Therapist-Client Connection Matters...


My primary reasons for becoming a Therapist are deeply personal and experiential. Opportunity has materialized for me through the gifts an education provides, and although the learning process is challenging I approach it with an understanding of its power to turn distress into success.

From my early life experiences, I recognized the presence of an influential positive male figure to be a vital component in the relational development of children; particularly boys.

It is through this lens that my research interests have evolved to include; (1) multicultural counseling, (2) social constructionism’ impact on men’s engagement in counseling, (3) couples and family counseling, (4) media psychology and its relationship to male behaviors and beliefs around counseling.

My desire is to leverage my education to the benefit of others. As a result of my formal education, and unique personal experiences I have been instilled with the characteristics needed to attract, relate, then respond to those clients reluctant to participate in counseling services.

The role of therapist/client connection cannot be understated, since it only through this connection that clients can ultimately own their reality, and realize their desired outcomes. Additionally, the therapist can gain clarity around the client racial, cultural or religious intersections; simply put it is informative to the clients’ innate way of being.

As human-beings our cultural diversity is often woven into our cumulative experiences, beliefs, values, meanings, roles and relationships. From my perspective, the fact that the clear majority of Counselors, Psychologist or Therapist are not culturally aware, diverse, or in possession of the innate ability to connect, does a disservice to all in need of their help.

The search for a therapist that really connects with you as a client, where you don’t feel judge or talked down to can often be humiliating, frustrating and disheartening. Clients are often left feeling powerless, misplaced, and wondering how to positively impact the process.

I understand that life presents us at times with seemingly insurmountable challenges however, regardless how formidable the challenge, when presented with skilled support, and unconditional positive regard the human spirit can rise.

That is why my approach is to first listen, seek to understand, then work ethically, and effectively with everyone to achieve their desired outcomes. I understand the importance of having a safe open space to express yourself, repair and discover deeper levels of functioning?

All it takes is one positive change to impact all aspects of your life. I believe you are capable of that change.

Contact me, I will provide that space. (253)777-9782 x700

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