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OK fine; were getting divorced! Let's explore the unknown.....

Therapy looks different for everyone, so I approach it from this perspective. I have clients that have exhausted all options and realize that in order to go forward maintaining any level of relational esteem, ability to co-parent, or simply to sort out in a safe space the litany of conversations around the; ( parenting plans, separation of bills, messaging etc...), they need a licensed, discreet, professional to help facilitate those conversations. advises that you, "attempt to negotiate a settlement without the help of your attorney. If you and your spouse are able to communicate, it is in your best interest to negotiate a settlement agreement and come to terms on parenting and the division of any marital property. This will not only keep down the expense of using an attorney but, also the expense of court ordered mediation."

I would add that by taking this approach it also provides the best footing for what lies ahead, relative to supporting children and enhancing everyone's ability to connect in the future.

I'm available to provide this service and support. You can reach me at (253)777-9782 x 700 or by registering at

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