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How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime



Hello my name is Miles, and trauma work with adults is a passion for me. Its is my honor to sit with, and support clients, particularly in their darkest moments. Trauma-induced Intimacy & Addictive Behaviors is a area of research & practice in which I am very immersed. I understand the importance of having a safe space to express yourself, repair and discover deeper levels of functioning? All it takes is one positive change to impact all aspects of your life. "I believe you" are capable of that change.

The life-long impact(s) of trauma, manifest in our physical/emotional health & through the intimate relationships we develop. I am always searching for salient, intrinsic and restorative material(s) to both enhance my practice, and to share with my clients.


Nadine Burke Harris has provided me with that kind of material; here is her TEDMED 2014:

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