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Discernment Counseling

Who are the couples best served and what is this protocol in a nutshell?

Discernment counseling was developed by Bill Doherty, Ph.D. He indicates that If one spouse is not sure if they want to stay married AND doubts that couple therapy can help, then Discernment Counseling is exactly where the couple belongs. The leaning-out partner is supported where they are emotionally, and the leaning-in spouse is equally supported in their own emotional state,  Discernment counseling avoids starting half-hearted couples therapy with these mixed-agenda couples.  It accepts ambivalence rather than trying to work around it or overcome it.

The initial commitment for the couple is simply the first session. During this session, each person decides separately if they would like one more session, up to a maximum of five.  The goals are clarity and confidence in a direction for the marriage, based on a deeper understanding of what has happened to the marriage and each person's contributions to the problems.


The outcomes are framed in terms of three paths: 1-stay married, 2-plan divorce, or 3-start couples therapy for at least six months to see if the marriage can be restored, with a plan for personal behavioral change for all parties.


Reunification Counseling

Divorce and separation are rough on a family, no matter the Circumstances. Reunification therapy is therapy designed to heal the relationship between a parent and child torn apart by incarceration, illness, prolonged absence or divorce.  In most standard divorce cases, parents are awarded joint custody or partial parental rights. Ideally, barring cases of abuse or neglect, both parents are awarded as much time with their children as possible. Unfortunately, though, this is not always the case-in some divorces, parents and children lose touch.


Individual Counseling

I believe its all about client/therapist connection; so I start there. Once we meet, you will recognize that we are true advocates, in support of your desired outcomes.I can really help you in addressing complex issues. My therapeutic philosophy recognizes the influence of circular causality on behavior & in maintaining negative patterns of interaction and communication.


Couples & Families Counseling

Our clinicians are here to listen; provide support, affirmation, and truth in a way that positively influences your life and ability to connect in a meaningful way. It is our ultimate desire to assist in the growth, and development of those persons seeking positive change in their life and situation.

We approach helping from the belief that when motivated individuals acquire the tools to listen, then acknowledge and honor each other’s core needs, they can build on their innate strengths and shift behaviors leading to useful changes in their lives and relationships.

Couple & Families
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