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I am a fervent advocate of self-development, and I strive to achieve it constantly. I'm in the process of gaining my Master's in Clinical Pharmacy; while helping to support the clients of our practice. Although I am studying medications, I recognize that healing likewise comes from expressing oneself and allowing support from others. I am drawn to helping and supporting those in need. I currently volunteer for ministry missions, which enabled me to be empathetic and connect more with individuals from all walks of life.

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I'm Veronica Vallejo Sanchez, MA, and I enjoy helping individuals turn trauma into triumph. I have an eclectic approach to my work with individuals. I utilize a customized approach to support each client's unique challenges and barriers. My vast clinical background (in developmental, behavioral, social-emotional, family systems, and work-life counseling theories) allows me to take a whole-person approach. Incorporating trauma-based therapies such as CBT, TF-CBT, and EMDR. I enjoy facilitating a solution-focused approach. I support my client in taking the lead in their treatment and creating an engaging dialogue. 

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A medical diagnosis can impact relationships and family systems in unexpected ways. I work with clients and their loved ones to help create a plan around navigating the unwanted change brought about by a diagnosis. As a three-time cancer survivor, I have a unique lens as both a patient and a therapist. Your mental health and the mental health of those around you are vital parts of your treatment plan. Please reach out and schedule an appointment today. Currently accepting new clients, Friday appointments only

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I believe that with the support of a counselor and through hard work, individuals can learn to practice healthier thinking and genuinely consider the most beneficial ways for them to move forward. I have always felt deeply passionate about mental health and human wellness, and am excited to graduate with my master’s degree in clinical mental health in May 2023. As a person-centered therapist, I hope to offer clients the opportunity to reflect on their understanding of what is happening for them while also working to build and strengthen skills that can help them to cope and to thrive. 

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Miles Hall


My approach to therapy and clinical supervision is a collaborative one, seeking first to listen and understand. I'm passionate about men's health intersecting with intimacy, parenting, emotional communication, and relationships.


Let's unpack together how race, culture, faith, and elements of social constructivism inform how we show up.....and interpret what it means to be "a man."

My prime focus is ensuring clients recognize problems, understand triggers, and modify their behaviors. Perhaps this is because of some personal obstacles I’ve had to traverse and my innate understanding that where you start does not have to dictate your potential or outcome. We all have challenges or “rocks in our pockets,” as my grandmother would say. ​

Graduate Scholarship Award Recipient American Family Therapy Academy-Cultural and Economic Diversity Committee-(2015): Diversity Guest Areas of  Focus, Research (interest) & Specialized Training: Systems Theory | Marriage and Family Therapy | Solution-Focused Therapy | Trauma |Shame |Relational Life Therapy | Media Psychology | Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy | Historically Disenfranchised Peoples 

Areas of Practice:
Divorce Mediation-Coaching | Addictive Behaviors | Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence |Loss and Grief |Parenting|Relationship Difficulties|Self-Harm/Suicidal Thoughts|Sex Addiction|Sexual Abuse|Sex & Aging|Trauma Recovery |Polyamory|Non-Traditional Relationships and Families

PREPARE-ENRICH Marriage or Premarital Assessment & Counseling Program, Certified Couple's Facilitator. International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP) CSAT® Service Scholarship Award Winner.

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