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Holding Hands

Schedule some time to work on your connection to those you LOVE.

See What We Do

Sunrise Couples Therapy offers specialized care for individuals, couples in intimate relationships, & families in crisis. We work to nurture change and enhance connections in families and relationships. We understand the importance of having a space free of judgment to express yourself, repair, and discover deeper levels of functioning. relational services from experienced, highly trained, professional clinicians.


We do not accept insurance as our services are discreet and confidential. Insurance companies have no place in your family or relationship challenges.

How It Works

This practice does not accept insurance. 

We are an out-of-network provider and a private pay practice only. We offer "superbills" to clients to submit for reimbursement. Our clients get reimbursed for out-of-network sessions and claim their money back in seconds with these mobile Apple or Google apps.


We offer Discernment and Reunification Therapies.  

Our Conflict Mediation services are available to landlords/tenants, employees/management, or for divorce and child custody issues that, with our assistance, often resolve in less toxic, more equitable outcomes.

We also offer a selection of even more specialized therapies, such as Hypnotherapy and Culinary Therapy.

Thank you for your time and interest in our practice. Let us know how we can help.

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A Message of Support

"Hello, I understand that life presents us at times with seemingly insurmountable challenges however, regardless how formidable the challenge, when presented with skilled support, and unconditional positive regard the human spirit can rise. It is my ultimate desire to assist in the growth and development of those persons seeking positive change in their life experience and situation. I am an excellent listener who realizes that people need assistance in their lives from someone they can relate to and trust. I want to fill that role for you. Your best is yet to come."

AAMFT Clinical Fellow | Approved Clinical Supervisor | Conflict Mediator
Couple, Adult and Family Therapist | Telehealth Clinician
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