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Meet Our Addiction Specialist


Meet Nadya, M.A., LMFTA, CDPT - Child & Family Therapist | Addiction Specialist

I am a Master’s level Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (LMFTA) co-occurring disorders therapist, who is trained in Family Systems, as well as a Certified Chemical Dependency Trainee (CDPT) with the background in Human Biochemistry and Toxicology.

"Coming from a different culture, I personally had to adapt to many aspects of my new life, and this helped me understand how difficult it may be for an individual to adjust to a new life and experiences; whether it is a school, neighborhood, family situation or any new environment.

Due to that, I support and relate to my clients and families on a level that is approachable, respectable and humane."

I fully support your initial step; however, more is required so I look forward to meeting you soon.

Register now to schedule a session with Nadya, or call us at (253) 777-9782.

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