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Client Intake and Support Supervisor

I'm an advocate for mental health and therapy services. I believe life is unpredictable and sometimes stressful. When this happens we all deserve a safe place to come and talk. I'm here to support you in having one.

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Licensed Mental Health Associate 

Hello! Welcome to your journey in becoming a better version of yourself. I am a patient-centered, trauma-informed, and solution-focused therapist that utilizes tools based on your therapy goals and desired outcomes.

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AAMFT Clinical Fellow |Conflict Mediator | Couples and Family Therapist

"My life experiences and education have 

clarified my commitment to become a culturally competent professional that advocates for anyone seeking & committed to change in their

life or current situation."

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Couple and Family Therapist

"Hay momentos  cuando nos sentimos en necesidad de apoyo y comprensión. Te sientes triste,  desanimado o perdido. Yo se se que es difícil pedir ayuda, pero aquí estoy  yo para ayudarte a encontrar  maneras de sanar." 

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor|Licensed Clinical Social Worker

There are times in our lives when the pain and frustration of our given situation overwhelm us, frightens us, cripples us emotionally, or just shuts us down entirely.  All we hope for is to find some sort of answer that seems to calm the senses, relieve the pain and pressure inside, and heal the damage that’s been done.

Sunrise Couples Therapy

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